Members join together to create the best show experience for members of the public

Wheels & Tracks in Motion

The Wheels & Tracks show is set for June 10-11th. The operater's meeting will be held at 9:00 am on the Saturday of the show.


See the membership page located below for the form.

Last Blast

The Last Blast is an event put on by us for the Simcoe County Museum. At each event, we showcase our Erie Type “B” Steam Shovel. We have assembled a photo gallery from today’s events. See the gallery below.


This summer, two families of volunteer members went down to Michigan and snapped a few photos for us of the many wonders that they found in Michigan. First stopping at the Henry Ford Museum, then to the Mason Steam Show. The gallery will arrive as soon as we get the time. Michigan / Google Photos

Milton Steam Era

The organization participates in many events outside of the Simcoe County Museum. One of the events is the Milton Steam Era, hosted from September 4-7th. We have compiled some of the photos from the event for your enjoyment.