As part of our on-going mandate to make history “real” we work with the Museum to provide information which they use to produce detailed educational signage that supports the equipment on display.  In addition to the make and model information, the usage and ownership history (when possible) as well as the manufacturer and restoration information is included.

During our key events we will set up special displays in the main building that focus on featured topics. We will pull out brochures, booklets, posters and literature from our archives on various topics of interest like various equipment, manufacturers etc. There is plenty to peruse.

We are developing an on-site library located at the Simcoe County Museum that will contain more than 1500 documents, manuals and artifacts for HCEA members to explore and research.  Named in memory of Bill Mitchell, a founding member who gifted many of the documents held in the collection. The accessible collection will consist of service and parts manuals along with sales literature of the major manufacturers from 1930 onward.  The Library constantly receives donations. All HCEA Canada members have access to this library & can access artifacts as a perk of membership. Volunteers are always in need to help in this area.