HCEA Canada is a National Organization, although it predominantly operates as a Provincial entity.  Many of the different historical clubs in Ontario often enlist HCEA Canada for support in staging “Special Events”. In these cases our membership, in those specific geographical areas, lend their time & artifices toward that event. Typically this occurs for 2 to 3 events annually.  Most have received “official” HCEA Canada event status

We host 2 official events each year at our facility. Wheels & Tracks in Motion in the late Spring and The Last Blast in the fall.

Club members are available to address groups for speaking engagements & research.  HCEA Canada regularly submits articles to the “Equipment Journal”, Canada’s Heavy Equipment Newspaper.  In 2016-17 we were also called upon for research towards the “Fallen Workers” memorial at the Welland Canal. The club regularly returns inquiries regarding technical matters & machinery repairs for Historical groups & collectors.

In addition, we attend a number of events around Ontario and display a number of pieces from our collection.
You can view pics from various events we have attended on our Gallery Page.