Experience the rich history of antique machinery at the Muskoka Pioneer Power Show, hosted at J.D. Lang Activity Park in Bracebridge. This summer, immerse yourself in a memorable event featuring heritage exhibits, live demonstrations, engine displays, and much more!

This year, the Muskoka Pioneer Power Show presents an “All Colours Event,” showcasing a diverse range of antique machinery in their vibrant colors. Popular show features include:

  • Heritage Exhibits: Explore fascinating displays that capture the history of Muskoka Pioneer Power.
  • Waterous Saw Mill Demonstrations: Witness the power and precision of the Waterous Saw Mill in action.
  • Mowry Shingle Mill: Discover the inner workings and historical significance of the Mowry Shingle Mill.
  • Log Cabin and Blacksmith Shop: Step into the past with demonstrations of traditional techniques by skilled artisans.
  • Linn Tractor: Admire the impressive Linn Tractor, a remarkable piece of antique machinery.
  • Engine Displays: Browse the stunning collection of antique internal combustion and steam engines.
  • Country Store: Find unique souvenirs and vintage treasures in the charming country store.
  • Antique Tractor Pulls: Experience the excitement of antique tractor pulls, highlighting their power and capabilities.
  • Classic & Antique Vehicles: Explore a showcase of beautifully preserved classic and antique automobiles.
  • Grand Parade: Conclude your day at the Muskoka Pioneer Power Show with a spectacular parade featuring all the incredible antique machinery.

The Muskoka Pioneer Power Association is dedicated to uniting enthusiasts interested in antique engines, automobiles, farm tractors, models, and farm and forest equipment. The association aims to exchange information and provide assistance in preserving and operating historically significant machinery.

Join us at the Muskoka Pioneer Power Show for a day filled with family fun, learning, and unforgettable memories, perfect for antique machinery enthusiasts and history buffs alike!